Big Questions, Straight Answers

Uncertainty, fear, hardship and suffering are all realities of the human condition.
Big Questions can help you develop an understanding and a perspective that lead to true peace of mind in spite of these realities.

Throughout history, people have asked big questions:

  • If God is both good and all-powerful, why doesn’t He doesn’t intercede to prevent war, pain and suffering in the world?
  • Why does God allow innocent people, especially children, to suffer at times?
  • Can I be forgiven? And how do I forgive others?
  • Will the world end in nuclear disaster?
  • Is there anything we can do to prevent the environmental ruin of the earth?
  • How do I achieve peace of mind and overcome anxiety?

Answers to questions like these do exist. Big Questions, Straight Answers, a collection of essays and interviews from Vision publisher David Hulme, strives to make them clear.

Each essay focuses on some aspect of these and other big questions and offers another way of looking at them. Big Questions takes a practical look at the underlying causes of the problems humanity faces and offers workable solutions.

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