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Vision Blog

Vision’s cornerstone blog discusses the moral issues that contribute to current social problems and explores the relevance of the Bible to their solutions.

Posts by Vision staff contributors cover such topics as climate change, economic issues, space exploration, violence and war, environmental issues and human genetics.

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Causes of Conflict

Vision publisher David Hulme explores the driving forces behind warfare and identity crisis, with a focus on the causes of conflict in the Middle East.

Hulme holds a doctorate in International Relations from the University of Southern California with an emphasis on the Middle East. He has also studied theology, psychology and philosophy and is the author of Identity, Ideology, and the Future of Jerusalem (Palgrave 2006).

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First Followers

What does the Bible say about how the first followers of Jesus understood the gospel? What did they believe and practice while following the teachings of Jesus?

Posts by Vision staff contributors answer questions such as “When was the first Christmas?” and “What Scriptures did the first-century church read and follow?” If you’ve ever asked yourself “What did Jesus do?” you’ll want to follow First Followers.

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Family Matters

Vision contributor Gina Stepp explores how to build and strengthen family relationships and examines the effect of social support on health and well-being.

Stepp holds a master’s degree in forensic psychology with an emphasis on attachment, trauma and resiliency. She has also completed a certificate in applied behavior analysis, which focuses on finding solutions to socially significant behavioral problems.

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