Summer 2003

Insight: Of Darkness and Light

Of Darkness and Light

David Hulme

The issues of faith and reason, science and religion, underlie much of the current distress in the world. Yet they are opposed to each other.

Turning the Intellectual Tide
Six Dominant Ideas, Part 5

Turning the Intellectual Tide

David Hulme

An analysis of the important ideas that have shaped the modern world suggests that faith and reason are not mutually exclusive. 

Troubled Waters

Troubled Waters

Rebecca Sweat

Oil isn’t the only resource that helps shape the peace and regulate the balance of power in the Middle East.

Shadows of Augustine

Peter Nathan

Both the general Christian community and those who reject religion in favor of rationalism owe an intellectual debt to Augustine.

Interview with David Daniell: Tyndale's Crucible

Tyndale’s Crucible

Robyn Page

Vision contributor Robyn Page interviews author David Daniell about William Tyndale and the often overlooked importance of the 16th-century translator’s work. 

Daniel in the Critics’ Den

Ivor C. Fletcher

The book of Daniel is often written off as nothing more than a poor historical account. Is that a valid argument?

The Difficult Way
The Gospels for the 21st Century, Part 14

The Difficult Way

David Hulme

Jesus explained that living His way of life was filled with obstacles, but encouraged His disciples that they would have help to finish the journey.              

Book Review: Disconnected Relationships

Disconnected Relationships

Donna Butler

Vision reviews four books that explore how we handle our relationships and how the choices we make impact our social connections.