Fall 2017

Your Cells Are Killing You

Dan Cloer

Immortality may not be an option, but can degeneration and the terrors of aging be lessened or even eliminated? These authors think so.


Fall 2017

Discovering the Body’s Ticking Clock

Dan Cloer

We all know we have a “body clock” and that it’s slowly winding down. But researchers are learning more about just what that means.

Fall 2017

How to Undo Aging

Dan Cloer

Neurobiologist Michael Fossel explains how people’s healthy life spans can be extended and how he believes Alzheimer’s will soon be cured.


Fall 2017

Is There Life After Tech?

David Hulme

What happens when critical technology fails? Engineering physics professor Peter Townsend speaks with Vision publisher David Hulme.


Summer 2017

X-Risks and Human Destiny

David Hulme

In an age when human survival seems to be hanging in the balance, cosmologist Martin Rees speculates on our collective future.


Winter 2017

The Death of the Frog

Donald Winchester

Around the world, whole species of amphibians are dying. And it all may have started with a human pregnancy test.

Fall 2016

The Mystery of Life

Ramesh Patel

Science and the Bible agree on fundamental aspects of what makes life possible. Uncovering its origin and purpose by scientific means has proven more challenging.

Summer 2016

Want to Change Your DNA?

Dan Cloer

Biochemist Jennifer Doudna talks to Vision’s Dan Cloer about a genetic-engineering breakthrough that has profound implications for biology and medicine.


quantum theory science and religion

Fall 2015

A Quantum Leap of Faith

Dan Cloer

Quantum theory is beyond the grasp of most of us. Even physicists struggle to make sense of things that common sense suggests are impossible. Why, then, is faith in science seen as rational while faith in God is not?