Spring 2018

Emotional Intelligence in 22 Proverbs

Peter Salovey and John D. Mayer coined the term emotional intelligence in 1990. But principles underlying the concept have a much longer pedigree.

Fall 2017

Discovering the Body’s Ticking Clock

Dan Cloer

We all know we have a “body clock” and that it’s slowly winding down. But researchers are learning more about just what that means.

Winter 2017

Failing to Succeed

Martin Coates

How you read the title of this article may say something about your view of failure—and about the likelihood of your eventual success.


Summer 2016

Preparing Yourself for the Unthinkable

Chris Anderson

With random acts of terror clearly on the increase around the world, what can you do to minimize your chances of becoming a victim?

Spring 2016

Beyond the Germ Theory

Dan Cloer

Disease epidemics were once explained as expressions of God’s implacable anger over our sinful human nature. Then came modern science.

How to succeed

Summer 2015

Keys to Success

Martin Coates

Success is often viewed as the attainment of wealth, fame or power. By that measure, however, most of us will never succeed. What is success, and is there any way to guarantee it?

Environmental problems: Soil

Winter 2015

The Nature of Soil

David Hulme

Do we understand and appreciate one of our most basic natural resources—the soil that sustains life itself? Vision interviews Deborah Koons Garcia.

The Sanctity of Life

Fall 2014

The Sanctity of Life

Paul Roberts

Around the world, the daily news is peppered with stories of violence, war and murder; it’s easy, therefore, to begin thinking of a lost life as little more than a statistic. But do people have the right to end the life of another? What is a human life—whether an elderly person, a newborn baby, or anyone in between—and what makes each one valuable?

Tips for Healthy Heart

August 13, 2014

Five Tips for Heart Health

Alice Abler

The best approach to achieve optimum heart health is through lifestyle changes that address the cause of the problems associated with heart disease.

The Fall and Rise of Cholesterol

August 13, 2014

The Fall and Rise of Cholesterol

Alice Abler

Are saturated fats as harmful as we have been led to believe? Saturated fat, it seems, deserves another chance.