Spring 2016

Evidence of Jesus

David Hulme

Is there credible evidence that Jesus Christ was a real person? Skeptics notwithstanding, the answer is yes.

June 8, 2016

7 Myths of Revelation

David Hulme

Misconceptions about the book of Revelation abound. In this episode we examine seven such myths and show where they go astray from a biblical point of view.

Are Scientists Nonbelievers?

June 1, 2016

Are Scientists Nonbelievers?

Dan Cloer

It’s a common belief that scientists cannot be religious; the two modes of thinking and explaining the world seem opposed to one another.

February 9, 2016

How Safe Are You?

David Hulme

Today’s world has more potential for danger and disaster than any period in recent memory.

April 11, 2016

Honest to God?

David Hulme

Today many traditional beliefs are under attack, especially those found in the Bible. Can the Bible be relied on? Is there any reason to trust the world’s best seller?

8 Keys to Timeless Parenting

Winter 2016

Eight Keys to Timeless Parenting

Gina Stepp

What might “Eight Keys to Timeless Parenting” look like if we were to take the advice from today’s popular parenting books and hold it against a source of truly enduring principles?

Winter 2016

Bridle Your Fingers

Seth Capo

If you’ve ever connected with others on the Internet, you’ve probably seen what an unfriendly place it can sometimes be. This may be a good moment to reconsider some enduring advice on how we should talk to one other.

Winter 2016

The Injustice of Online Justice

Donald Winchester

The power of the Internet translates to the power of the people, and many of those people spend a part of each day in what has become a virtual courtroom. Is an everyman mob running amok on social media?

Winter 2016

The Permanence of War

Ron Dodgen

A look back over two thousand years of nearly continuous warfare suggests that violent conflict is inevitable in the human sphere.