Special Reports

Science and Environment

Humanity at Risk

Vision explores some of the “existential threats” that, according to experts, could bring an end to civilization as we know it.

Philosophy and Ideas
Special Report: Ideas That Shaped Modern Thought

Ideas That Shaped Modern Thought

Many of the ideas we’ve absorbed from birth are based on flawed thinking or incomplete understanding. But which ones?

From the Publisher

Vision: 2017’s Top 10

As we complete our 19th year of publishing Vision, here’s a look back at our most popular articles from 2017.

Family and Relationships
Video Interview with Will Marré

Sustainable Relationships

Will Marré’s life work focused on leadership and relationship issues. In this short collection of articles, we highlight some of his insights into achieving and maintaining healthy relationships.

Society and Culture

Deluding Ourselves to Death

What is it about the human mind that makes us so susceptible to faulty thinking? It may seem like a rhetorical question, but we live at a time when our very survival could depend on understanding the answer.

Special Report: The Jerusalem Question

The Jerusalem Question

With Jerusalem so often in the headlines, Vision presents a special report on the city’s place in the wider Arab-Israeli impasse. Why has this piece of real estate been contested for so long?

Society and Culture

What Is Terrorism?

Hardly a week goes by without another act of terror making headlines somewhere. Is there a way to make sense of something that for most of us seems so irrational?

Religion and Spirituality

The Path to Change

The Bible has much to say about the path to personal change. Vision examines some of the steps along the way and shows surprising ways in which science and the Bible agree.

Society and Culture
En Cuanto a la Guerra y la Paz

The War That Didn’t End All War

One hundred years ago, on November 11, 1918, World War I formally ended. In this collection of articles, Vision takes a closer look at “the war to end all war” and at the human proclivity for conflict.

Religion and Spirituality
Truth: Special Report

In Search of Truth

Is it possible to search for truth when it means different things to different people?

Society and Culture
Special Report: A Penchant for Violence

A Penchant for Violence

Although humanity’s historical record hints at a great capacity for love, we’ve left a bloody trail that belies our best intentions. Will we ever outgrow our penchant for violence?

Family and Relationships
Special Report: Raising Children

Raising Children

How should we approach the important task of raising our children? In an effort to provide some helpful parenting advice, Vision offers this special report.

Religion and Spirituality
Special Report: Myths of Revelation

Myths of Revelation

The book of Revelation, or the Apocalypse, has come in for a lot of misunderstanding and misinterpretation for most of the past two thousand years. In this collection of articles, Vision examines some of these common errors, as well as the enigmatic book’s encouraging truths.

Life and Health
Special Report: Obesity Facts and Figures

Obesity: Facts and Figures

Worldwide, obesity rates are escalating and obesity-related diseases continue to take millions of lives. Both on an individual level and on a global level, the time to take care of soaring obesity rates is before they careen out of control.

Philosophy and Ideas
Special Report: Three Guys from Vienna

Three Guys From Vienna

Sigmund Freud, Alfred Adler, and Carl Jung were associates for a period of time in Vienna as each developed his own approach to psychotherapy. In the following collection of articles, Vision examines how these three approaches have withstood the test of time.

Religion and Spirituality
Ghosts of Christmas Past

Ghosts of Christmas Past

It’s generally acknowledged that the second-most important Christian festival has no biblical support. But have you asked yourself why it matters?

Religion and Spirituality
Special Report: The History of the Bible

The History of the Bible

Today we take for granted that people all over the world can read the Bible in any language. But for more than 1,000 years it was unavailable to most.

Science and Environment
Special Report: The Stem Cell Question

The Stem-Cell Question

As we uncover the medical potential of stem cell research, there will continue to be moral and ethical conflicts within science and politics.

Family and Relationships
Special Report: From Anger to Forgiveness

From Anger to Forgiveness

Vision explores the subject of forgiveness: what it is, what it isn’t, and how it plays out in our politicized world as well as in our individual lives. 

Life and Health
Special Report: The Dirt on Soil

The Dirt on Soil

A century after the introduction of artificial nitrogen fertilizers, we see some negative effects of the discovery that was so lauded by science.

Life and Health
Special Report: The Cowpath to a Healthier Planet

The Cowpath to a Healthier Planet

How and what we feed animals affects human health and our environment. So what should we feed cattle, both for their benefit and to improve our current health?

Science and Environment
Special Report: The Big Bang Debate

The Big Bang Debate

There is not a much bigger question than “Where did the universe come from?” and the theory of origins called the “big bang” has become the dominant answer.

Society and Culture
Special Report: Peace Architects

Peace Architects 

In this Special Report, Vision publisher David Hulme speaks to these key peace architects among others as he explores the roles of identity and ideology in the Middle East conflict.

Society and Culture
Special Report: One Day in Peace

One Day in Peace?

The United Nations General Assembly first celebrated One Day in Peace on the first day of the new millennium, and a later resolution invited “all the peoples of the world to celebrate One Day in Peace, 1 January 2002, and every year thereafter.”

Life and Health
Special Report: Nutrition Goes Back to School

Nutrition Goes Back to School

Since many children today bring no food from home, the school cafeteria is their only source for food. However, the unfortunate truth is that many of the food and beverage options provided in mainstream schools today encourage lifelong habits of unhealthy eating choices.

Life and Health
Special Report: Navigating Nutrition

Navigating Nutrition

How many of us evaluate the nutritional content of any given food we eat? Do high obesity rates indicate that too many of us are eating mindlessly?

Special Report: Israel's 60th Anniversary in Context

Israel’s 60th Anniversary in Context

Vision publisher and Middle East scholar David Hulme analyzes the events leading up to the 1948 war and the official founding of the State of Israel.

Society and Culture
Hope in the Face of Disaster

Hope in the Face of Disaster

Vision writers take issue with the doomsday speculations that often follow in the wake of disasters, by examining them in a more hopeful light.

Science and Environment
Special Report: Rewiring the Brain

Rewiring the Brain

Recent discoveries in neuroscience are providing exciting insights into the nature of being human. 

Society and Culture
Special Report: Global Finance, Human Fallout

Global Finance, Human Fallout

The U.N. says the current economic crisis is “deepening hunger worldwide,” and warns that the effects of wide-scale hunger may have irreversible consequences on health, education and productivity. 

Science and Environment
Special Report: Environmental Ethics

Environmental Ethics

On this unique planet, our decisions have global consequences for all life that cannot be indefinitely ignored.

Society and Culture
Enslaved: A Look at Human Slavery

Enslaved: A Look at Human Trafficking

Despite all efforts to the contrary, human exploitation shows no sign of abating. Still most vulnerable to trafficking are women and children who may find themselves abducted from their families or in some cases sold by them into slavery—not only as  prostitutes but alternatively as laborers or soldiers.  

Science and Environment
Special Report: Earth Day

Earth Day

Our planet shows increasing signs of succumbing to the assault we and our technologies have launched. Is humanity’s current course sustainable?

Religion and Spirituality
Special Report: Drowning in da Vinci

Drowning in Da Vinci

In this special report,Vision takes a close look at the scholarship behind the theory that formed the basis of Dan Brown’s fictional work The Da Vinci Code.

Society and Culture
Special Report: Democracy and Capitalism

Democracy and Capitalism: A Match Made in Heaven?

As the United States elects a new president, the twin ideologies of democracy and capitalism that have long dominated Western culture seem to be struggling. In recent months capitalism itself has been dealt a severe blow. Why are these pillars of society so widely admired and what is to become of them? 

Family and Relationships
Special Report: Teen Pregnancy: Childhood Interrupted

Teen Pregnancy: Childhood Interrupted

The importance of quality family relationships in preventing teen pregnancy is often overlooked, but research indicates it is a crucial consideration.

Religion and Spirituality
Special Report: Augustine's Legacy

Augustine’s Legacy

Augustine’s influence on the Christian church and on Western society in general is well recognized by scholars and theologians. But in retrospect, his philosophies may not have shed much light.

Science and Environment
Special Report: Astronomical Leaps

Astronomical Leaps

Where did the universe come from? the “big bang” has become the dominant answer. But that frames a new question: What happened before the big bang?

Family and Relationships
Special Report: A Tribute to Fathers

A Tribute to Fathers

Father’s Day in the United States is often attributed to the efforts of Sonora Smart Dodd of Washington, who proposed the day in 1909 to honor her own father for raising six children alone after the death of his wife.

From the Publisher
Books by David Hulme

Books by David Hulme

David Hulme, publisher of Vision, holds a Ph.D. in International Relations with a focus on Middle East studies. He is also the public spokesman for Church of God, an International Community, and has authored several books investigating the belief and practice of the first followers of Jesus.

Religion and Spirituality
Special Report: The Pass Over to Easter

The History of Easter

The establishment of Easter as a principal Christian festival is an example of the syncretization of Judeo-Christian and pagan celebrations. The Judeo-Christian Passover became fused with pagan fertility worship to create a new festival celebrating the resurrection of Christ.