Global Threats: Instinction
Global Threats, Part 1


David Hulme

Is the present century humanity’s last? It’s a growing concern for many.

Post Truth


David Hulme

We’ve entered the age of post-truth—where objective facts carry less weight than emotions and opinions. Is truth obsolete?

Life After Death

David Hulme

Losing someone you love is one of life’s most difficult challenges. Whether you’re religious or not, can you hold out any hope for a future life?

Healing the Violent Heart

David Hulme

Regardless of the ideals set forth by leaders, humanity has never yet succeeded in preventing violence and war. Is there any solution?

God: A Trinity?

David Hulme

The Trinity dogma is described as “the central doctrine of the Christian religion” yet “enveloped . . . by a kind of darkness.” How can that be?

What Makes Us Human?

David Hulme

What makes us human and sets us apart from other species? Is it self-awareness or free moral agency, conscience, or the capacity to imagine? It’s more than you might think.

The Resurrection of Jesus

David Hulme

For centuries Christians have celebrated Christ’s resurrection on Sunday. But does the Bible really describe an Easter Sunday resurrection?

When Did Jesus Die?

David Hulme

In 2016 Easter took place a month out of sync with the Jewish observance of Passover. Yet according to the New Testament, Jesus was crucified at the same time the priests would have been killing the Passover lambs.

7 Myths of Revelation

David Hulme

Misconceptions about the book of Revelation abound. In this episode we examine seven such myths and show where they go astray from a biblical point of view.

How Safe Are You?

David Hulme

Today’s world has more potential for danger and disaster than any period in recent memory.