Summer 2018

Just How Intelligent Are We?

David Hulme

Increasingly sophisticated and “intelligent” technologies now allow us to alter not only day-to-day life but the planet itself. They also invite abuse—and chaos. What can be done?

Can We Fix Climate Change?

Dan Cloer

If our reliance on technology has accelerated climate change, maybe technology can fix the problem too. Would it work? Should we try it?

What Truth Is—and Isn’t

Donald Winchester

The world seems no closer to defining truth today than the ancient philosophers were. And yet we cannot do without it.

Isaiah, oil painting on oak panel by Jean-Louis Ernest Meissonier
The Law, the Prophets and the Writings, Part 24

The Vision of Isaiah

David Hulme

Isaiah is the first of the Bible’s “major prophets.” Like the others, he delivered a message of not only judgment but also restoration.

How Not to Build a City

Ramesh Patel

Dan Cloer

Mexico City is one of the world’s biggest population centers, yet the city’s infrastructure is extremely unstable. The resulting challenges serve as a warning—and a lesson—to the rest of our urbanizing world.