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Insight: The Way of Peace

Fall 2006

The Way of Peace?

David Hulme

Identity awareness means asking and answering the question, “Who am I?” But this is only the starting point in resolving intercommunal problems.

Insight: A Different Species

Summer 2006

A Different Species

David Hulme

Asking what makes humans unique brings to mind an interesting list of attributes and activities. But what really makes us different from animals?

Books by David Hulme: Identity, Ideology, and the Future of Jerusalem

Identity, Ideology, and the Future of Jerusalem

Using recalled personal history to examine the crucial place that Jerusalem has occupied in the identity and ideology core of fourteen key Palestinian and Jewish/Israeli leaders in the Arab-Zionist impasse, David Hulme explores the roles of identity and ideology in preventing or promoting a resolution between Israel and the Palestinians.

August 1, 2006

The Arab-Israeli Conflict

David Hulme

Author and Middle East scholar David Hulme talks about the current crisis in Lebanon and analyzes what is at the heart of solving this type of conflict.

Insight: Don't Worry, Be Happy

Spring 2006

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

David Hulme

Because the brain has plasticity, our predispositions may be more malleable than we think.

Insight: Opening Up the Lines

Winter 2006

Opening Up the Lines

David Hulme

The world is drowning in information. Is it still possible to have effective and meaningful communication? We invite Vision readers to help us accomplish this goal.

Insight: Memory and Morality

Fall 2005

Memory and Morality

David Hulme

With the recent death in Vienna of Simon Wiesenthal, a voice has been stilled; a light has gone out.

Insight: Right Use

Summer 2005

Right Use

David Hulme

The concept of right use underlies good design. In other words, when designing with people as the end users, their best interests must be considered.

Insight: At First Glance

Spring 2005

At First Glance

David Hulme

Things are not always as they first appear. It’s easy to be taken in by outward appearances. 

Insight: Folly Marches On

Winter 2005

Folly Marches On

David Hulme

People will believe almost anything, it seems, despite the availability of credible and feasible alternatives.