From the Publisher

Insight: At First Glance

Spring 2005

At First Glance

David Hulme

Things are not always as they first appear. It’s easy to be taken in by outward appearances. 

Insight: Folly Marches On

Winter 2005

Folly Marches On

David Hulme

People will believe almost anything, it seems, despite the availability of credible and feasible alternatives. 

Insight: Working for Balance

Fall 2004

Working for Balance

David Hulme

When it comes to the kind of work that is spiritual in nature, engaged in for the sake of others or in obedience to the Creator, the Bible is filled with principle and practice. 

Who Am I? Who Should I Be?

Summer 2004

Who Am I? Who Should I Be?

David Hulme

Meaningful change is achieved by personal action that arises from the self-directed will to do the right thing for the good of all. 

Insight: Power Plays

Spring 2004

Power Plays

David Hulme

If what lies behind the purposes, goals and desire to control others is not right and good, human beings can do unspeakable evil to each other. 

Insight: No Questions Asked

Winter 2004

No Questions Asked

David Hulme

As human beings we want sure foundations for living and for teaching our children, not possibly weak footings of someone else’s too often unproven ideas. 

Insight: Missing the Mark

Fall 2003

Missing the Mark

David Hulme

Knowing the difference between good and evil is one of the most important pieces of understanding we can have. 

Insight: Of Darkness and Light

Summer 2003

Of Darkness and Light

David Hulme

The issues of faith and reason, science and religion, underlie much of the current distress in the world. Yet they are not necessarily opposed to each other.

Insight: Ideas, Truth and Freedom

Spring 2003

Ideas, Truth and Freedom

David Hulme

On the spiritual side of life there are many ideas with suspect origins. 

Insight: Collecting Our Thoughts

Winter 2003

Collecting Our Thoughts

David Hulme

As we entered our fifth year of publication, we reviewed all past issues and realized that a number of articles are timely and timeless and could be grouped together for greater meaning.