From the Publisher

Insight: Diseases of the Heart

Summer 2001

Diseases of the Heart

David Hulme

The heart is more than a muscular pump that is sometimes diseased. We also speak of it as the seat of emotional well-being. 

Insight: Technology's Tower

Spring 2001

Technology’s Tower

David Hulme

It seems that nothing is beyond our reach when it comes to conquering the physical world, but we’re at a loss to deal with moral questions. 

Insight: The Unique Mind

Winter 2001

The Unique Mind

David Hulme

The human mind is not just the result of physicochemical reactions within the brain. There is a spirit in men and women that renders them human and unique. 

Insight: What Kind of World Do We Want?

Fall 2000

What Kind of World Do We Want?

David Hulme

What kind of world do we want? It’s a question that’s increasingly overshadowed by individuals feeling powerless in the face of massive societal change.

Insight: Here's to Life

Summer 2000

Here’s to Life

David Hulme

Vision explores several facets of life’s complexities. The biblical perspective informs these articles, since the Bible could not be more concerned with life.

Insight: Seeking Answers

Spring 2000

Seeking Answers

David Hulme

Solving humanity’s most pressing problems requires seeking moral and spiritual answers. 

Blurry vision while opening eyes

Winter 2000

A Vision for the New Middle East?

David Hulme

Shimon Peres continues to break the mold. In his own words he has shifted from being a “terrible hawk” to espousing the cause of peace. 

Insight: Five Words

Premier Issue, 1999

Five Words

David Hulme

The ability to focus beyond immediate circumstances is an elusive gift. Both are aspects of good vision. But from where does this vision come?