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Insight: Our Polluted Planet

Winter 2012

Our Polluted Planet

David Hulme

The whole planet is being assaulted by human beings and human activity. What’s the key to our survival?

Insight: Technological Disconnect

Fall 2011

Technological Disconnect

David Hulme

Life has sped up of late. Many of us are connected all the time, constantly attentive, always replying, never quiet. But is this helpful?

Book Chapters by David Hulme

November 7, 2011

Book Chapters by David Hulme

David Hulme

In addition to authoring a number of books, David Hulme has contributed essays to two volumes edited by Charles Pasternak, biochemist and founding director of the Oxford International Biomedical Centre.

Insight: The Not So Great Helmsman

Summer 2011

The (Not So) Great Helmsman

David Hulme

Mao’s Great Famine (2010) by historian Frank Dikötter chronicles the ghastly four-year period that resulted in the peacetime death of millions.

Insight: Wanted, A New Way of Thinking

Spring 2011

Wanted: A New Type of Thinking

David Hulme

It takes a real shock to the system to make us step back and ponder the state of things. We often just go on ignoring potential difficulties though we suspect or even know they exist.

Insight: Hope and the Human Spirit

Winter 2011

Hope and the Human Spirit

David Hulme

The source we depend on for our overall direction tells us that the future of humanity is assured.

Insight: Up in Arms

Fall 2010

Up in Arms

David Hulme

The Bible talks about a kingdom of God that is not only the end of the arms industry: it suggests a state of mind completely opposed to war.

Apostles: First Followers and Their Faith

November 1, 2010

Apostles: First Followers and Their Faith

David Hulme

Apostles: First Followers and Their Faith is the result of four decades of study by author David Hulme in which he removes all preconceived ideas about the early Church and in an attempt to understand more accurately what the first followers of Jesus believed, taught and practiced. 

Insight: What's Behind the Curtain?

Summer 2010

What’s Behind the Curtain?

David Hulme

Apostles: First Followers and Their Faith helps establish the truth by viewing the lives of the apostles of Jesus from a more accurate perspective.

Books by David Hulme
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Books by David Hulme

David Hulme, publisher of Vision, holds a Ph.D. in International Relations with a focus on Middle East studies. He is also the public spokesman for Church of God, an International Community, and has authored several books investigating the belief and practice of the first followers of Jesus.