Ethics and Morality

Insight: What We Watch

Summer 2008

What We Watch

David Hulme

Many people believe that we can watch anything and everything to no ill effect. But is this true?

March 21, 2008

The Value of Western Values

Donald Winchester

In the post-colonial backlash and in the face of increasing Muslim and other non-Western influence in Europe, a clash of cultures has emerged.

The Moral of the Story

Spring 2008

The Moral of the Story

Alice Abler

Fairy tales have clearly evolved over the centuries. And the changing tales say a lot about the changing times.

Mixing Politics, Religion and Money

February 3, 2008

Mixing Politics, Religion—And Money

Brian Orchard

The involvement of celebrities in swaying the outcome of elections is clear, but are we noticing the trend of religious figures selling their support?

Morality and the Golden Compass

December 26, 2007

Morality and The Golden Compass

David F. Lloyd

Laura Cloer

It is important to put the film The Golden Compass in its context. It is just another sloppy attempt to redefine moral and spiritual values.

Rediscovering the Language of Values

Winter 2008

Rediscovering the Language of Values

David Hulme

Almost every day the news carries a story about violence in society. Is our self-absorbed and morally ambivalent society failing its children?

Child Rearing: Off to Nurturing School

Summer 2007

Child Rearing: Off to Nurturing School

Gina Stepp

Whatever objectives parents have for their children, bookstore shelves bulge with advice to help parents achieve them. But which do we choose?

Who Are the Moral Educators?

November 4, 2007

Who Are the Moral Educators?

Brian Orchard

The responsibility for teaching children ethical standards has subtly shifted from parents to social institutions. Does this matter?