Ethics and Morality

Are We in Need of a New Neuromorality?

Spring 2008

Are We in Need of a Neuromorality? 

Thomas E. Fitzpatrick

As neuroscience develops tests for particular psychological traits and medical predispositions in individuals, what moral values will govern such information?

The Dawning of Cell-Based Medicine

March 3, 2006

The Dawning of Cell-Based Medicine

Dan Cloer

In the next few decades scientists say we will see an explosion of new discoveries from the medical community that will present difficult ethical challenges.

Insight: Missing the Mark

Fall 2003

Missing the Mark

David Hulme

Knowing the difference between good and evil is one of the most important pieces of understanding we can have. 

Wading into the Gene Pool

Fall 2001

Wading Into the Gene Pool

Rebecca Sweat

Vision interviews W. French Anderson, M.D., director of Gene Therapy Laboratories at the University of Southern California School of Medicine.

Insight: Diseases of the Heart

Summer 2001

Diseases of the Heart

David Hulme

The heart is more than a muscular pump that is sometimes diseased. We also speak of it as the seat of emotional well-being. 

Advancing Toward the Moral Brink

Winter 2001

Advancing Toward the Moral Brink

David F. Lloyd

Modern science is nudging us ever closer to a moral precipice. But can science serve as the arbiter of moral and ethical standards?

Insight: What Kind of World Do We Want?

Fall 2000

What Kind of World Do We Want?

David Hulme

What kind of world do we want? It’s a question that’s increasingly overshadowed by individuals feeling powerless in the face of massive societal change.

Right and Wrong

Fall 2000

Right and Wrong

David Hulme

Does humanity have the right to define or even discard moral standards according to personal preference?