Family and Relationships

Teen Pregnancy-Home Remedies

September 23, 2008

Teen Pregnancy: Home Remedies

Gina Stepp

Studies show that strong family relationships play an important role in reducing the risk of teen pregnancy on the individual level.

Forgiveness (Or Something Like It)

Fall 2008

Forgiveness  (or Something Like It)

Gina Stepp

Researchers agree that when we don’t work toward a state of mind of something like forgiveness, we are the ones who suffer the most harm.

Teen Pregnancy-Kids Parenting Kids

September 18, 2008

Kids Parenting Kids

Gina Stepp

Parenthood can be extremely rewarding when one is ready for it, but it is not for children.

To Be a Village

August 13, 2008

To Be a Village

Judith Wood

An old African proverb observes that it takes a village to raise a child; but in our fragmented, pressured society that kind of traditional village is a rarity.

Childhood Anxiety

May 27, 2008

Childhood: The New Age of Anxiety

Gina Stepp

Anxiety levels in American children have increased dramatically since the first effective scale for measuring childhood anxiety was published in 1956.

Leadership and Followership

Winter 2008

Leadership and Followership

Michael McKinney

Is leadership all about the leader? Or are effective leaders those who are most in tune with their followers? Vision interviews two authors on “The New Psychology of Leadership.”