Life and Health

Fall 2018

Cause of Death: Sports

Donald Winchester

Isla Veal

That sports, conventionally seen as promoting health, should be deemed a cause of death raises serious ethical questions.

Spring 2018

A Lethal Dose

Ron Dodgen

Synthetic chemicals have become embedded in all aspects of our lives. What will it take to reverse their toxic effect—on our bodies and on our world?

Spring 2018

Emotional Intelligence in 22 Proverbs

Peter Salovey and John D. Mayer coined the term emotional intelligence in 1990. But principles underlying the concept have a much longer pedigree.

March 14, 2018

Global Threats, Part 4

Too Many Mouths

David Hulme

Our food supply may well become the greatest challenge of the century. And directly linked to it are dwindling global water reserves. Will we have enough of either to survive? Each of us holds the key.

Fall 2017

Your Cells Are Killing You

Dan Cloer

Immortality may not be an option, but can degeneration and the terrors of aging be lessened or even eliminated? These authors think so.

Fall 2017

Discovering the Body’s Ticking Clock

Dan Cloer

We all know we have a “body clock” and that it’s slowly winding down. But researchers are learning more about just what that means.

Fall 2017

How to Undo Aging

Dan Cloer

Neurobiologist Michael Fossel explains how people’s healthy life spans can be extended and how he believes Alzheimer’s will soon be cured.

Winter 2017

Failing to Succeed

Martin Coates

How you read the title of this article may say something about your view of failure—and about the likelihood of your eventual success.


Summer 2016

Preparing Yourself for the Unthinkable

Chris Anderson

With random acts of terror clearly on the increase around the world, what can you do to minimize your chances of becoming a victim?