Message to the Seven Churches
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Message to the Seven Churches

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Mention John’s book of Revelation, and the images that commonly come to mind are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and Earth’s last great crisis, culminating in what is popularly thought of as the Battle of Armageddon. 

But there are other, often overlooked messages in John’s writings. What were the early followers of Jesus supposed to understand, for example, from the series of letters that open the book? Could they have any meaning for today? 

Go on location to the picturesque Greek island of Patmos. Visit Western Turkey and see the ancient cities of the seven churches addressed in Revelation. Along the way, your host, Dr. David Hulme, will explore these letters in their original time and place. 

The book of Revelation paints a detailed picture of a time of unparalleled destruction and catastrophe coming upon the earth. Its terrifying images have haunted every generation in Western society for almost two thousand years. But Revelation also contains a powerful message of hope. These letters to the seven churches lay out the way to peace of mind in an uncertain and fearful age as well as the source of strength and encouragement to overcome the greatest of all challenges. 

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