Philosophy and Ideas

Six Dominant Ideas, Part 3: A Dream Gone Wrong

Summer 2002

Six Dominant Ideas, Part 3

A Dream Gone Wrong

David Hulme

Sigmund Freud’s theories have helped to shape the mental framework of just about everyone, whether they have read his works or not.

Biography: Friedrich Nietzsche

Summer 2002

Friedrich Nietzsche: “God Is Dead”

Jerry de Gier

Looking at his early life, no one could have known the impact Friedrich Nietzsche would have on society. But in his final years he was not at peace.

Article Series

Six Dominant Ideas

Ideas can be powerful. If they are good, we all benefit; but bad ideas can have disastrous effects. In this series Vision looks at six prominent ideas of our time—concepts that animate our thinking and the language we all use. Yet each one is fundamentally flawed.

Spring 2002

Early Christianity and Communism

David Hulme

Ironically, it’s often claimed that the early Christians were the first communists. Where does this idea originate?

Six Dominant Ideas, Part 2: A Dark Fellow From Trier

Spring 2002

Six Dominant Ideas, Part 2

A Dark Fellow From Trier

David Hulme

Karl Marx may have influenced modern history more than any other intellectual, but what influenced his theories? 

The Bible and Class Struggle

Spring 2002

The Bible and Class Struggle

David Hulme

Does the Bible say anything about class struggle as the definer of human life? No, it does not. But there are certainly Christian methods of dealing with it.

A Theory of Everything?

Spring 2002

A Theory of Everything

David F. Lloyd

How is it that a theory from biology has become so all-encompassing that it now directly informs most aspects of society and culture?

Six Dominant Ideas, Part I: Origin of a Specious Theory

Winter 2002

Six Dominant Ideas, Part 1

Origin of a Specious Theory

David Hulme

In the first article in a series examining the foundations of modern Western thought, Vision looks at a theory that removed God from His role as Creator. 

Fall 2001

Mentors of Modern Men

David Hulme

The influence of Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson on foreign policy.

Biography: Martin Luther, the Fearful Philosopher

Fall 2000

Martin Luther: The Fearful Philosopher

Edwin Stepp

Martin Luther had a profound impact on traditional Christianity. Though he sought only to reform his church, he wound up rejecting it and establishing a new one.