Religion and Spirituality

Spring 2015

The Physiology of Crucifixion

David Hulme

There have been many attempts to explain in medical terms what happens during crucifixion and in particular what caused the death of Jesus. 


Spring 2015

Twelve Curses

The Levites were to proclaim 12 curses for all to hear and give their assent. This announcement focuses on the outcome of disobedience to various laws and principles.


Series: Law, Prophets and Writings, Part 10

Fall 2014

The Law, the Prophets and the Writings, Part 10

The Wilderness Years

David Hulme

Under the leadership of Moses, the children of Israel make their way to the Promised Land, but their 40-year journey is marked by one episode of faithlessness and rebellion after another.

The Law, Prophets and Writings: Into the Wilderness

Summer 2014

The Law, the Prophets and the Writings, Part 9

Into the Wilderness

David Hulme

The descendants of Jacob had been enslaved in Egypt for many years when Moses brought them word that God was about to rescue them. In Part 9 of the series, we trace the story of their exodus from the land of the pharaohs. 

The Real Story of Noah

Spring 2014

The Real Story of Noah

T. Brandon Sexton

It is the basis for yet another blockbuster movie drawn from the Bible, but is the account of Noah and the Ark good for more than epic Hollywood entertainment? Who was the biblical Noah, and what can we learn from his example?

Noah's Ark: Fact or Fiction?

March 3, 2014

Noah’s Ark: Fact or Fiction?

Michael Jack Elliott

Most religions and cultures have a version of a worldwide flood account in their history. Is the story of Noah’s ark fact or fiction?