Science and Environment

Winter 2017

The Death of the Frog

Donald Winchester

Around the world, whole species of amphibians are dying. And it all may have started with a human pregnancy test.

Fall 2016

Mistakes Were Made

Dan Cloer

Science has given us answers to many questions, but what gives us confidence in those answers? Can what we come to believe actually bring about our demise?

Fall 2016

The Mystery of Life

Ramesh Patel

Science and the Bible agree on fundamental aspects of what makes life possible. Uncovering its origin and purpose by scientific means has proven more challenging.

Summer 2016

Want to Change Your DNA?

Dan Cloer

Biochemist Jennifer Doudna talks to Vision’s Dan Cloer about a genetic-engineering breakthrough that has profound implications for biology and medicine.


Special Report: The Stem Cell Question
Special Reports

The Stem-Cell Question

As we uncover the medical potential of stem cell research, there will continue to be moral and ethical conflicts within science and politics.

Special Report: The Big Bang Debate
Special Reports

The Big Bang Debate

There is not a much bigger question than “Where did the universe come from?” and the theory of origins called the “big bang” has become the dominant answer.

Special Report: Rewiring the Brain
Special Reports

Rewiring the Brain

Recent discoveries in neuroscience are providing exciting insights into the nature of being human. 

Special Report: Environmental Ethics
Special Reports

Environmental Ethics

On this unique planet, our decisions have global consequences for all life that cannot be indefinitely ignored.

Special Report: Earth Day
Special Reports

Earth Day

Our planet shows increasing signs of succumbing to the assault we and our technologies have launched. Is humanity’s current course sustainable?

Special Report: Astronomical Leaps
Special Reports

Astronomical Leaps

Where did the universe come from? the “big bang” has become the dominant answer. But that frames a new question: What happened before the big bang?