Special Report

Humanity at Risk

We’re well into the 21st century, but a growing number of voices are echoing the concern that humanity might not survive to the 22nd. In this collection of articles, Vision explores some of the “existential threats” that, according to experts, could bring an end to civilization as we know it.

Will We Survive This Century?

David Hulme

Two authors not only explore the monumental problems facing the world today but also propose a way forward. Are their solutions workable? Yes and no.

Humanity’s End Game

David Hulme

David Hulme interviews Australian science writer and author Julian Cribb about what it will take for the human race to make it through this century.

Is There Life After Tech?

David Hulme

What happens when critical technology fails? Engineering physics professor Peter Townsend speaks with Vision publisher David Hulme.

X-Risks and Human Destiny

David Hulme

In an age when human survival seems to be hanging in the balance, cosmologist Martin Rees speculates on our collective future.

Facing Self-Delusion

Gina Stepp

If you believe life on this planet will go on indefinitely, then your brain may be playing tricks on you. How can we see beyond what we think we know?

More Than Meets the Eye

David Hulme

Are you deluding yourself to death? Unlike illusions, which are rarely dangerous, delusions—including self-delusions—may well kill you.

Rebuilding Babel: The Megacities of China

Donald Winchester

China’s ambitious urbanization program stands out in today’s world. But a Renaissance painting offers a surprising warning against overreach. Can our cities fail?

A Lethal Dose

Ron Dodgen

Synthetic chemicals have become embedded in all aspects of our lives. What will it take to reverse their toxic effect—on our bodies and on our world?

The Death of the Frog

Donald Winchester

Around the world, whole species of amphibians are dying. And it all may have started with a human pregnancy test.

Global Problems, Global Solutions: Of Weapons and Warfare

Part 1

Of Weapons and Warfare

David Hulme

In a world that yearns for peace, warfare has become a globalized problem. What’s the likelihood of a shift from arms production to disarmament and universal harmony?

Wasting Away

Martin Coates

The food we produce today could adequately feed the world, yet we throw it away by the tons. Not only do millions go hungry as a result, but our wastefulness has a direct environmental impact.

. . . Or Do Without

Alice Abler

Rebuilding the world economy on a more sustainable model is a daunting task. It has to start with you and me—and at that level, it isn’t so hard after all.

Science and Environment

Global Threats

Threats to our continued ability to live and thrive on this small planet are increasingly hard to ignore. Vision addresses several of them in this video series.