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Why Vision.org?

Where do you turn for trustworthy information in today’s world of sound bites and sensationalized news? The average person is bombarded by thousands of messages every day from the ever-expanding and fragmented media. Is it possible to make sense of so many conflicting voices?

Vision’s goal is to challenge readers to examine the historical and philosophical origins of today’s issues. Through in-depth examination of current social and moral trends, Vision helps readers find direction and peace of mind in our complex age. But Vision is not primarily a news magazine. Our mission is to help visitors to our website understand why humanity wrestles with certain common problems. We’re dedicated to presenting material in a thorough, objective and balanced way, and are committed to accuracy and honest treatment of the facts.

What makes Vision unique, however, is that it examines topics through the wisdom of an ancient source—the Bible—while avoiding preconceived notions about what that source says. Vision challenges many teachings of traditional Christianity, maintaining that its churches have lost sight of much of Jesus Christ’s belief, practice and teaching. We believe that biblical principles are relevant and can help solve global, national and personal conflicts, but we do not proselytize. Our goal is to reestablish the Bible as a credible voice in the discussion of ideas.

The Vision staff hope you benefit from what you read, hear and see on this site, and we look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions.

Who's Behind Vision?

Vision.org is sponsored and funded by the Church of God, an International Community. The Church does not intend this site to convert readers to its beliefs, nor do we use it to solicit membership. We offer it as a viewpoint in the broader discussion of ideas. The Church has no social or political agenda and does not attempt to influence the political process in any country where it operates. Our message is simple: it is one of hope in a better world to come.

The Church traces its origins via Sabbatarian roots in 17th-century Europe to the first-century New Testament Church at Jerusalem. Accordingly, it endeavors to uphold the original practice and teachings of Jesus Christ and His followers. It has members around the world and operational centers in Australia, Canada, Germany, the Philippines, South Africa, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States.

As part of its mission, the Church places great emphasis on taking care of its members, offering them spiritual guidance and support. Its goal is to provide a community where all those who commit to the ideals and values of the organization can grow in grace and knowledge and develop godly character.

How Can You Help Vision.org?

Tell Others About Vision

Do you like what you see on the Vision site? Then please tell your friends and associates. We’re committed to providing analysis and information completely free of charge. We intend never to charge a subscription price for our site. Our mission is to make it available as far and wide as possible. All we ask in return is that you help us accomplish that mission. If you like what you’ve read in a particular article, why not share it via social media or post your thoughts on one of your favorite blog sites or forums? Even if you don’t agree with what you’re reading but it has given you food for thought, please consider telling others.

Write to the Author

If you were particularly moved by an article, whether positively or negatively, please take the time to tell the author. Your feedback is very helpful. On each author page is an “E-mail the author” link. Click on it and jot down your comments or questions. Every Vision article represents many hours of study and research, but only a fraction of the information that an author considers during the writing process finds its way into the finished article. Questions may arise from readers about the material, and our writers would love to share additional information.

Tell Us How We Can Improve

We welcome your help in making vision.org a better site. Please take time to tell us what subjects you would like to see addressed. Do you have questions about a subject we’ve covered? Who do you think would make a good Vision interviewee? Have you come across books that we could review or that would make an interesting article subject? What can we do better?

As we said earlier, we're committed to accuracy and honest treatment of the facts. So if you happen to spot an error, please let us know!


Our quarterly online journal Vision is free of charge, but resources are limited.

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