Special Report

Before Christianity: A First-Century Perspective

Christianity is so easily imagined as somehow the opposite of Judaism, because that’s how Christianity has presented Judaism to itself in the centuries long after Paul. In Paul’s lifetime, Christianity is only understandable as an extreme form of Judaism. And Paul thinks of himself as a Jew.” 

Paula Fredriksen

Paul: The Man at the Intersection

Paul: The Man at the Intersection

Daniel Tompsett

Since 1983, Bible scholars have been coming to a “new perspective” on the apostle Paul as they strive to develop a more accurate view of the man. Who was the real Paul, and what was his message?

Interview with James Tabor: From Jew to Gentile

From Jew to Gentile?

David Hulme

James D. Tabor, chair of the Department of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina, discusses misconceptions that have surrounded the apostle Paul since mainstream Christianity’s early days.