Special Report

Hope in the Face of Disaster

In this Special Report, Vision writers take issue with the doomsday speculations that often follow disasters, whether natural or man-made, by examining them in a more hopeful light and presenting practical answers for today’s problems.

Apocalypse Now, Later or Never

Apocalypse Now, Later or Never?

David Hulme

The book of Revelation is an enigma to most who read it. Even in scholarly circles, ideas about its meaning and significance abound. Does such a puzzling book have any real value?

Review: The End of the World, Continued

The End of the World, Continued

Dan Cloer

Almost 60 years after Robert Wise’s antinuclear original, the remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still challenges us to change our impact on the global environment.

Insight: Hope and the Human Spirit

Hope and the Human Spirit

David Hulme

The source we depend on for our overall direction tells us that the future of humanity is assured.

This Unstable Earth

This Unstable Earth

Donna Butler

Bill Butler

With the Indian Ocean tsunami disaster still haunting Southeast Asia, Vision looks at other potential trouble spots on the earth’s fragile surface.

Chernobyl: The Silent Museum

Chernobyl: The Silent Museum

Edwin Stepp

April 26 marks the 25th anniversary of the worst nuclear disaster in history—a good time to reevaluate our responsibility regarding energy sources.

Chernobyl: The Fallout Continues

Chernobyl: The Fallout Continues

Maurice Frohn

The world’s most infamous nuclear power plant is finally closed. But that doesn’t mean we can put the whole radioactive mess behind us.