Special Report: The Jerusalem Question
Special Reports

The Jerusalem Question

With Jerusalem so often in the headlines, Vision presents a special report on the city’s place in the wider Arab-Israeli impasse. Why has this piece of real estate been contested for so long?

Spring 2017

The Seventh Day of the Six-Day War

David Hulme

Fifty years after one of the shortest wars in history, the world feels its far-reaching effects more than ever.

Summer 2016

China and the Future of the World

Donald Winchester

Understanding China’s current place in the world requires looking at the nation through a non-Western lens.


Spring 2016

The Roman Empire Reconsidered

Daniel Tompsett

Three historians undertake a careful review of one of the world’s ancient empires, encouraging readers to take another look at long-accepted facts and interpretations.


Special Report: Israel's 60th Anniversary in Context
Special Reports

Israel’s 60th Anniversary in Context

Vision publisher and Middle East scholar David Hulme analyzes the events leading up to the 1948 war and the official founding of the State of Israel.

Messiahs! Rulers and the Role of Religion
Article Series

Messiahs! Rulers and the Role of Religion

Messiahs! Rulers and the Role of Religion explores history’s recurring rise of despotic rulers and examines how they portrayed themselves as gods in their quest for domination. Has the world seen the last of these god-men?

Winter 2016

The Permanence of War

Ron Dodgen

A look back over two thousand years of nearly continuous warfare suggests that violent conflict is inevitable in the human sphere.

Winter 2016

Perishable Crowns

Daniel Tompsett

Why are laurel wreath crowns so often associated with history’s conquering heroes?