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    Big Questions, Straight Answers  

    Throughout history people have asked why, if God is both good and all-powerful, He doesn’t intercede to prevent pain and suffering in the world. Why does He allow war, genocide and other atrocities? Why does He allow innocent people, especially children, to suffer at times? This collection of essays tries to show that answers to these and other of life's most vexing questions are possible. 

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    Message to the Seven Churches
    Mention John’s book of Revelation and the images that commonly come to mind are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and the Battle of Armageddon. But there is much more to this mysterious book. Features interviews with: Craig Evans, David Frankfurter, John Gager and
    Harry Maier
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    Jesus referred to evidence about Himself in the Hebrew Scriptures. This new series from Vision explores that section of the Bible known as The Law, the Prophets and the Writings.
    Global Problems, Global Solutions
    What will it take to solve the most pressing issues faced by modern societies?

    Rulers and the Role of Religion 

     When a man can present himself as a god, or at least as divinity’s chosen servant, and his supporters promote his fantasy, he can wield authority like no other.  

    The Gospels for the 21st Century  
    Gospels for the 21st Century is the result of taking the New Testament at its word, reading it carefully for what it actually says. It weaves the four Gospel accounts into a single, compelling storythe story of Jesus Christ. 

    The Apostles 

    Six Dominant Ideas 

In-depth coverage of current social issues. Insights into the philosophical, moral and ethical values in society today—health care, science and environmental news and articles