Martin Luther King Jr., A Man With a Dream Unintended Consequences: Autism, ADHD and Early Diagnosis Seeing the Signs, Discerning the Times Insight: The End of Agriculture? Words of Hope The Law, the Prophets and the Writings, Part 9: Into the Wilderness
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    David Hulme: Middle East ConflictIdentity, Ideology, and the Future of Jerusalem
    For more than a hundred years, the tiny strip of land between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River has been the subject of intense debate and bitter conflict, with one of the main focal points of the ongoing struggle being a single ancient city. Exploring the lives of 14 key Palestinian and Jewish leaders, this fascinating study examines the roles of identity and ideology in the search for a resolution to the final-status issue of Jerusalem. The book will prove an important resource for scholars and students interested in the Arab-Israeli conflict, peace studies, and political psychology.

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    7 Churches Still image 
    Message to the Seven Churches
    Mention John’s book of Revelation and the images that commonly come to mind are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and the Battle of Armageddon. But there is much more to this mysterious book. Features interviews with: Craig Evans, David Frankfurter, John Gager and
    Harry Maier
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    Jesus referred to evidence about Himself in the Hebrew Scriptures. This new series from Vision explores that section of the Bible known as The Law, the Prophets and the Writings.
    Global Problems, Global Solutions
    What will it take to solve the most pressing issues faced by modern societies?

    Rulers and the Role of Religion 
    When a man can present himself as a god, or at least as divinity’s chosen servant, and his supporters promote his fantasy, he can wield authority like no other. 

    The Gospels for the 21st Century
    Gospels for the 21st Century is the result of taking the New Testament at its word, reading it carefully for what it actually says. It weaves the four Gospel accounts into a single, compelling storythe story of Jesus Christ. 

    The Apostles
    The story of the first followers of Jesus Christ has been told and retold countless times. Surely all that can be said has been said.

    Six Dominant Ideas 
     takes a look at six dominant ideas of our time which came from men who popularized their own musings until they became the concepts that animate our thinking and the language we all use.

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