Insight Video: The Gods of Egypt Parenting the Challenging Child The Real Story of Noah The Hapless Gods of Egypt The Law, the Prophets and the Writings, Part 8: A Nation in Bondage Mothers' Milk: More Than Meets the Eye?
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    Throughout history people have asked why, if God is both good and all-powerful, He doesn’t intercede to prevent pain and suffering in the world. Why does He allow war, genocide and other atrocities? Why does He allow innocent people, especially children, to suffer at times? This collection of essays tries to show that answers to these and other of life's most vexing questions are possible. 

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  • From the Publisher

     ·  Insight Video: Easter: An Empty Shell?
     ·  Insight: The (Not So) Great Helmsman
     ·  Insight: Who Will Save the Planet?
     ·  Insight: Religion, North Korean Style
     ·  Insight: Technological Disconnect
     ·  Insight: Wanted: A New Type of Thinking
     ·  Insight: Memory and Morality
     ·  Insight: Up in Arms
     ·  Insight: Writing About Prostitutes
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  • Interviews

     ·  Beyond the Nuclear Family
     ·  Brothers and Sisters, Unite!
     ·  Building Peace: Interview With Uri Savir
     ·  From Jew to Gentile
     ·  Should Cooler Heads Prevail?
     ·  Is Christianity Off Base?
     ·  Do You Take This In-Law . . . ?
     ·  What the Hungry Need
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  • Science & Environment

     ·  This Unstable Earth
     ·  Neurogenesis: Changing Your Mind
     ·  An Appeal to Save the Earth
     ·  Iceberg Dead Ahead!
     ·  For Creationists to Consider
     ·  Current Events-Global Problems, Global Solutions, Part 2: What Shall We Eat and Drink?
     ·  The Amazing Technicolor Agriculture Revolution
     ·  Before and After Earth Day
     ·  More on Science & Environment

  • Family & Relationships

     ·  Like Father, Like . . . Daughter?
     ·  Green With Compassion
     ·  My Brother’s Keeper: From Sibling Violence to Brotherly Love
     ·  Doing Social on the Net
     ·  Take Me Out to the Ball Game
     ·  Are Fathers Necessary?
     ·  More Than a Feeling
     ·  More on Family and Relationships

  • Life & Health

     ·  Enough Is Enough
     ·  Go Outside and Play!
     ·  What's Good About Greed?
     ·  Childhood: The New Age of Anxiety
     ·  Navigating the Nutritional Facts Label
     ·  Beyond Peanut Butter
     ·  Life and Health Basics: What Is Moderate, Healthy Drinking?
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  • History

     ·  On the Trail of the Easter Bunny
     ·  Monkey Business: Looking Back on the Scopes Trial
     ·  Messiahs! Rulers and the Role of Religion, Part 2: The Coming of the Christian Emperor
     ·  The Tale of the Easter Bunny
     ·  Nuclear Dummies
     ·  Barbie Turns 50
     ·  More on History

  • Philosophy & Ideas

     ·  Seeing the Face of God
     ·  Hitler: Evil Unprecedented
     ·  God and Your Brain
     ·  A Dream Gone Wrong
     ·  Manufacturing a Consumer Culture
     ·  Sustainability in a Crowded World
     ·  More on Philosophy & Ideas

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