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The Apostles



The Apostles Series 







The Apostles, Part 1: Acting on Conviction

In this issue we begin a new series on the 21st-century application of the gospel, this time focusing on the biblical book of Acts.

The Apostles, Part 2: Beyond Jerusalem
Amid growing persecution, early followers of Christ fled to neighboring regions, spreadng a message of hope and a way of life.

The Apostles, Part 3: Peter, Paul and Barnabas
The biblical book of Acts provides a fascinating history of the New Testament Church's growth and development. In this issue, we recall the early experiences of three key players.

The Apostles, Part 4: The First Journey
In this issue we retrace Paul and Barnabas's travels through Cyprus and Asia Minor. What they taught Jews and gentiles along the way is the subject of considerable debate and misunderstanding.

The Apostles, Part 5: New Team, New Territory
The apostle Paul, together with his traveling companions, sets out on a journey to the ancient cities of Asia Minor and Greece. Even in the 21st century, his experiences offer valuable and instructive lessons.

The Apostles, Part 6: At the Center of the Greek World 
Paul’s only recorded visit to Athens was a momentous one and the subject of a detailed section in Luke’s account of early church history.

The Apostles, Part 7: Ephesus: City of Worthless Idols 
The apostle Paul travels to the city of the goddess Artemis to live and teach for three years before making his way to Jerusalem one last time.

The Apostles, Part 8: To Caesar You Shall Go! 
Paul’s final visit to Jerusalem resulted in riots, beatings, imprisonment, hearings before governors and a king, and finally an appeal to Caesar.

The Apostles, Part 9: A Dangerous Voyage 
The prisoner Paul makes his way to Rome for a hearing before the famous Nero. But what might appear to be the end of the story is really just another beginning.

The Apostles, Part 10: Productive in Prison
Though Paul is manacled to a Roman guard, he continues his ministry both in person and through letters to fellow believers in outlying provinces.

The Apostles, Part 11: Journeys’ End 
As the apostle Paul’s life draws to a close, he continues to demonstrate his sincere concern for those under his care and for those who will carry on his ministry.

The Apostles, Part 12: James, Brother of Jesus
What can we know about James, the first-century writer of one of the general epistles? And what value does his letter have in the 21st century?

The Apostles, Part 13: Feed My Sheep!
The apostle Peter figures prominently in the New Testament, but he is often portrayed today as being personally and theologically at odds with his colleague Paul. A closer look at the biblical record sheds light on the man and his teachings.

The Apostles, Part 14: Called, Chosen, Faithful
The apostle Peter's life is a study in how much a person can change. His writings offer wisdom and advice that are as applicable today as when he penned them nearly two millennia ago.

The Apostles, Part 15: What Kind of People Should You Be?
The apostle Peter wrote a second letter to the early Church just before his death. And like other New Testament writings, its message is timeless.

The Apostles, Part 16: Son of Thunder, Apostle of Love
John, the last surviving apostle of the first century, lived a long and challenging life. In this installment, we look at some of his early experiences as a follower of Jesus Christ.

The Apostles, Part 17: John: Apostle of Love and Light
In this second installment on the apostle John, we find that the “Son of Thunder” mellowed greatly as he grew older. A closer look at John’s Gospel and the first letter bearing his name reveal not only this personal change but also some of the less positive changes taking place in his late-first-century environment.

The Apostles, Part 18: John: Approaching the End
As the last surviving apostle among the original twelve, John was eager to pass on key instruction and understanding to followers of “the Way,” both then and now.

The Apostles, Part 19: John: In Light of the Future
The last written work of the apostle John was his enigmatic Apocalypse, known to us as the book of Revelation. Why is the book so puzzling, and what is its message for today?

The Apostles, Part 20: John: Essential Messages
The letters that the apostle John sent to seven churches in Asia Minor late in the first century carried vital messages—messages for survival. And they provide continuing instruction even today.

The Apostles, Part 21: John: The End and the Beginning
The final installment of the series examines the biblical account of the apocalypse, as recorded by the apostle John in the book of Revelation, and of the perfect world that’s prophesied to follow.

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