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Three Guys From Vienna

Sigmund Freud, Alfred Adler, and Carl Jung were associates for a period of time in Vienna as each developed his own approach to psychotherapy. In the following collection of articles, Vision examines how these three approaches have withstood the test of time.

alfred adler biography

Alfred Adler: To Heal and to Educate

Gina Stepp

Though considered one of the three “great fathers” of modern psychotherapy, Alfred Adler is less familiar to most people today than Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung.

Alfred Adler: A Psychology of Change

A Psychology of Change

Gina Stepp

Alfred Adler saw no need to reject religion. In fact, his face-to-face, holistic approach to working with patients was rooted in a well-known biblical precept.

Biography-Carl Jung-Forever Jung

Carl Jung: Forever Jung

Gina Stepp

Carl Gustav Jung founded an approach he named Analytical Psychology, many tenets of which have led some to refer to him as a “founding father of the New Age.”

People: Who Needs Them?

People: Who Needs Them?

Gina Stepp

Pop psychologists freely use words such as introvert and extravert, but these terms can be misleading as well as harmful to personal development.

Six Dominant Ideas, Part 3: A Dream Gone Wrong

Part 3

A Dream Gone Wrong

David Hulme

Sigmund Freud’s theories have helped to shape the mental framework of just about everyone, whether they have read his works or not.