Special Report

From Anger to Forgiveness

Vision explores the subject of forgiveness: what it is, what it isn’t, and how it plays out in our politicized world as well as in our individual lives. 

The Many Faces of Forgiveness

The Many Faces of Forgiveness

David Hulme

Vision publisher David Hulme interviews Boston University professor Charles L. Griswold on the subject of forgiveness.

Forgiveness (Or Something Like It)

Forgiveness  (or Something Like It)

Gina Stepp

Researchers agree that when we don’t work toward a state of mind of something like forgiveness, we are the ones who suffer the most harm.

Finding God's Forgiveness

Finding God’s Forgiveness

David Hulme

The belief systems that claim the Bible as their basis have significantly divergent views on the subject of forgiveness. So just what does the Bible say?