Fall 2008

Insight: Writing about Prostitutes

“Writing About Prostitutes”

David Hulme

A recent article in the U.S. magazine Atlantic carried the headline “Is Pornography Adultery?” and noted that “it may be closer than you think.”

Interview with Uri Savir: Building Peace

Building Peace

David Hulme

Career diplomat Uri Savir has a passion for peace in the Middle East. This interview by publisher and Mideast scholar David Hulme is Savir’s second for Vision.

The Legacy of the Scrolls

The Legacy of the Scrolls

Peter Nathan

Sixty years after their discovery, the Dead Sea Scrolls still spark controversy and debate. What have they established so far, and how will they be remembered?

Forgiveness (Or Something Like It)

Forgiveness  (or Something Like It)

Gina Stepp

Researchers agree that when we don’t work toward a state of mind of something like forgiveness, we are the ones who suffer the most harm.

The Many Faces of Forgiveness

The Many Faces of Forgiveness

David Hulme

Vision publisher David Hulme interviews Boston University professor Charles L. Griswold on the subject of forgiveness.

Finding God's Forgiveness

Finding God’s Forgiveness

David Hulme

The belief systems that claim the Bible as their basis have significantly divergent views on the subject of forgiveness. So just what does the Bible say?

Child Soldiers

Child Soldiers

Michelle Steel

The majority of wars today are intrastate conflicts fought with small arms, and where such conflicts take place, many of those fighting are children.

Apostles: James, Brother of Jesus
The Apostles, Part 12

James, Brother of Jesus

David Hulme

What can we know about James, the first-century writer of one of the general epistles? And what value does his letter have in the 21st century?

Book Review: Prewired


Dan Cloer

The idea of a moral basis for behavior is uniquely human. Morality implies that we bring judgment to our decisions.