The Bible: Treasure or Trash?

David Hulme

How well do we really know the Bible? Have skepticism and modern scientific thinking stripped it of value?


The Age of Anxiety

David Hulme

How do we cope in this age of anxiety and its stressful conditions? Can we have lasting peace of mind?


Truth or Tradition?

David Hulme

In his recent book, the pope acknowledges that the traditional Christmas story is not accurate in many respects. Many scholars have been pointing this out for decades, but does it really matter? Why should truth trump tradition?


Jerusalem: At Peace or in Pieces?

David Hulme

Jerusalem remains a crucial factor in the Middle East and in world politics. The name Jerusalem means “city of peace,” but will the city ever live up to its name?


Video: Politics as Religion

Politics As Religion

David Hulme

It’s often been said that religion and politics don’t mix. But history demonstrates that they have long been intertwined.


The Paul Puzzle

David Hulme

What most 21st-century Christians believe and do differs greatly from what the early New Testament Church taught and practiced.


Insight Video: Technological Disconnect

Technological Disconnect

David Hulme

There is no question that life has speeded up in recent years. We long ago entered the information age, but can we continue to endlessly process more and more?