Fall 2014

Global Problems: Food Security

Europe in 2015

David Hulme

Several events scheduled for 2014–15 may make a significant difference to life in Europe and around the world.

The Law, the Prophets and the Writings, Part 10

The Wilderness Years

David Hulme

Under the leadership of Moses, the children of Israel make their way to the Promised Land, but their 40-year journey is marked by one episode of faithlessness and rebellion after another.

Effects of Bullying

Bullies, Allies and Victims

Gina Stepp

Are bullying and being bullied just a natural part of growing up? Does dealing with bullies make children stronger, more resilient? While that view may be popular in some quarters, the latest research suggests that it’s anything but accurate.

Interview with Dieter Wolke: Facts about Bullying

Bullying: What Parents Need to Know

Gina Stepp

Given the wide range of advice available on dealing with bullies, it’s little wonder that many parents are confused about how best to help their victimized children. To help bring some clarity to the issue, Vision’s Gina Stepp interviews researcher Dieter Wolke of the University of Warwick.

Human effects on the environment

A Change of Cene

Dan Cloer

That we affect our environment in various ways is beyond debate, but can we alter the planet and its systems to reverse current trends and avert an impending catastrophe, or do we overestimate our power?

The Sanctity of Life

The Sanctity of Life

Paul Roberts

Around the world, the daily news is peppered with stories of violence, war and murder; it’s easy, therefore, to begin thinking of a lost life as little more than a statistic. But do people have the right to end the life of another? What is a human life—whether an elderly person, a newborn baby, or anyone in between—and what makes each one valuable?

Raising the Bar: The Pursuit of Excellence

Raising the Bar

Mark J. Hulme

Three books offer insight into how to better find and practice excellence, and how to avoid those habits and instincts that too often derail our efforts.