Fall 2017

More Than Meets the Eye

David Hulme

Are you deluding yourself to death? Unlike illusions, which are rarely dangerous, delusions—including self-delusions—may well kill you.

Facing Self-Delusion

Gina Stepp

If you believe life on this planet will go on indefinitely, then your brain may be playing tricks on you. How can we see beyond what we think we know?

Is There Life After Tech?

David Hulme

What happens when critical technology fails? Engineering physics professor Peter Townsend speaks with Vision publisher David Hulme.

Luther Reformed

Daniel Tompsett

As Christians mark the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, churches around the world look for ways to come together. What does the Bible have to say about unity among believers?

Carved stone relief from the central palace of Nimrud, showing the Assyrian conquest of the city of Astartu. www.BibleLandPictures.com / Alamy Stock Photo
The Law, the Prophets and the Writings, Part 22

Israel Exiled

David Hulme

In their descent to national downfall, the people of ancient Israel increase in idolatry despite repeated warnings from the prophets of the day. The outcome is just as God promised.

How to Undo Aging

Dan Cloer

Neurobiologist Michael Fossel explains how people’s healthy life spans can be extended and how he believes Alzheimer’s will soon be cured.

Your Cells Are Killing You

Dan Cloer

Immortality may not be an option, but can degeneration and the terrors of aging be lessened or even eliminated? These authors think so.