Spring 2000

Insight: Seeking Answers

Seeking Answers

David Hulme

Solving humanity’s most pressing problems requires seeking moral and spiritual answers. 

A New Moderation in the Middle East?

A New Moderation in the Middle East?

David Hulme

There is a new optimism that the Palestinian Israeli conflict can be resolved. But can peace emerge from the thorny issues surrounding this age old conflict?

George Washington - der Mann, der nicht König sein wollte
The Gospels for the 21st Century, Part 2

From Water to Wine

David Hulme

Vision continues its series on the life of Jesus Christ and the lessons it contains for society today.

Biography: George Washington Carver

George Washington Carver

Edwin Stepp

Can the life of a humble teacher of botany who lived at a much simpler time offer insight for a world caught up in the fast-paced information age?

By Our Own Hand

By Our Own Hand

Steven D. Andrews

What effect do our actions have on the environment and on the future?

Interview with Abu Ala: Peace Talk

Peace Talk: Abu Ala

David Hulme

Vision interviews two key players in the Middle East peace talks. 

Emerging from the Mire

Emerging From the Mire

David F. Lloyd

A number of notable books addressing pollution and the prognosis for our planet were published last year. Vision looks at three of them.

Biography: Niccolò Machiavelli: Fairly Misjudged

Niccolò Machiavelli: Fairly Misjudged

Wilf Hey

Machiavelli’s Il Principe features at times stark, emotionless evaluations and prescribes actions that grant little or no feeling of a leader toward his subjects.