Summer 2012

Insight: Politics as Religion

Politics as Religion

David Hulme

From ancient empires to modern totalitarian and democratic governments, religious elements have been present in all the world’s political systems.

Law, Prophets and Writings, Part 3: Different Paths
The Law, the Prophets and the Writings, Part 3

Different Paths

David Hulme

In a continuing study of Genesis, we trace the biblical record from Nimrod and the Tower of Babel to Abraham and the start of the Patriarchal Age.   

Trust Revisited

Trust Revisited

Thomas E. Fitzpatrick

References to a supreme Being are common in American culture. Even the nation’s currency proclaims, “In God We Trust.” How did this come to be?

Interview with Steve Fuller: In the Image and Likeness of God

“In the Image and Likeness of God”

Dan Cloer

Vision interviews sociologist Steve Fuller, who argues that the fact of science—our ability to dissect and understand our world—is based on the faith that a Creator exists.

Raising Well-Connected Kids
Parenting: Five Keys to Positive Child Development, Part 5

Raising Well-Connected Kids

Gina Stepp

One of parenthood’s great challenges is teaching children to display active concern for others. How can parents encourage their kids to be helpful, caring and inclusive? 

Who Is the God of the Old Testament?

Who Is the Old Testament God?

Brian Orchard

Throughout much of Christendom, the enduring image of the Old Testament God is of an angry, vengeful being. But the Bible itself paints a very different picture.