Family and Relationships

From Anger to Forgiveness

Vision explores the subject of forgiveness: what it is, what it isn’t, and how it plays out in our politicized world as well as in our individual lives. 


Family Communication: What's Your Style?

Without some form of interpersonal exchange relationships are not possible, but family communication is rife with potential pitfalls.


Teen Pregnancy: Childhood Interrupted

The importance of quality family relationships in preventing teen pregnancy is often overlooked, but research indicates it is a crucial consideration.


A Tribute to Fathers

Father's Day in the United States is often attributed to the efforts of Sonora Smart Dodd of Washington, who proposed the day in 1909 to honor her own father for raising six children alone after the death of his wife.

8 Keys to Timeless Parenting

Winter 2016

Eight Keys to Timeless Parenting

Gina Stepp

What might “Eight Keys to Timeless Parenting” look like if we were to take the advice from today's popular parenting books and hold it against a source of truly enduring principles?


Interview with Michael Redivo

Fall 2015

Making Conflict Productive

John Bromfield Jr.

Educator Michael Redivo says conflict is inevitable, and that learning to deal with it is a key not only to well-being but to growing up. In this interview he talks about his Productive Conflict Model and how it can help children and adults alike to grow in the face of challenging relationships.

Winter 2015

Dressing Invisible Wounds

Gina Stepp

PTSD isn’t just a problem faced by soldiers returning from war; it can affect anyone. If a loved one suffers because of past trauma, how can you help?

Oppression and True Justice

Fall 2014

Oppression and True Justice

T. Brandon Sexton

Finding justice is a valid concern when dealing with bullying and its harmful effects.

Interview with Dieter Wolke: Facts about Bullying

Fall 2014

Bullying: What Parents Need to Know

Gina Stepp

Given the wide range of advice available on dealing with bullies, it’s little wonder that many parents are confused about how best to help their victimized children. To help bring some clarity to the issue, Vision’s Gina Stepp interviews researcher Dieter Wolke of the University of Warwick.