Spring 2013

Insight: The New Dark Age

The New Dark Age?

David Hulme

The influence of the Bible on Western culture is well known though increasingly avoided.

Series: Law, Prophets and Writings, Part 6-Encounters: Elohim, Edom and Egypt
The Law, the Prophets and the Writings, Part 6

Encounters: Elohim, Edom and Egypt

David Hulme

Our study of Genesis continues the story of Jacob, from his return to Canaan to the treachery of his older sons, who sold their brother Joseph into slavery.

Parenting: Raising a Moral Child
Parenting: Five Keys to Positive Child Development, Part 4

Raising a Moral Child

Gina Stepp

New research continues to show the importance of helping children develop and internalize a set of moral values that will serve both them and the community well.

Interview with Paul Zak: The Virtuous Cycle, Pay It Forward

The Virtuous Cycle: Pay It Forward

Dan Cloer

In this interview, neuroeconomist Paul Zak discusses a possible biological basis for morality and then puts it in the larger context of moral absolutes.

One Fish, Two Fish, All Fish, No Fish

One Fish, Two Fish, All Fish, No Fish

Mark J. Hulme

Despite recent positive changes in some of the world’s enormous fisheries, problems of overfishing and habitat destruction remain very real threats to marine resources.

The Age of Vanity

The Age of Vanity

Donald Winchester

Writer F. Scott Fitzgerald portrayed the 1920s as a time of self-indulgence. That image is reminiscent of today’s world and of the life of King Solomon.

DIY Brain Makeover

The Do-It-Yourself Brain Makeover

Gina Stepp

More scientists are hoping to help people transform their minds. Vision reviews three books offering do-it-yourself instructions for building the best brain ever.