Summer 2015

The Puzzle of Present Events

David Hulme

Chaos seems to rule everywhere across the globe. Information rains down, but without context we cannot understand and cope. Is there a way to contextualize the onrush of events? Are there filters we can use to separate out the particulars and understand the general?

bible history
The Law, the Prophets and the Writings, Part 13

“Be Strong and Very Courageous”

David Hulme

Few Bible scholars believe the book of Joshua, describing Israel’s conquest of the Promised Land, to be of any historical value. What does the Bible tell us about that period of history, and can it be trusted?

Who is the ultimate hero?

Heroes and Villains, New and Old

Daniel Tompsett

Modern mythologies like Star Wars, Harry Potter and Doctor Who have much in common with ancient tales, not least the essential theme of good versus evil. We all long for a saving hero, but are we looking in the right place?

How to succeed

Keys to Success

Martin Coates

Success is often viewed as the attainment of wealth, fame or power. By that measure, however, most of us will never succeed. What is success, and is there any way to guarantee it?

Paul: The Man at the Intersection

Paul: The Man at the Intersection

Daniel Tompsett

Since 1983, Bible scholars have been coming to a “new perspective” on the apostle Paul as they strive to develop a more accurate view of the man. Who was the real Paul, and what was his message?

History and authors of the Bible

Who Really Wrote the Bible?

Thomas E. Fitzpatrick

No other written work has had such a profound effect on the world. But does the Bible have any authority today? Perhaps more to the point, is there any way to prove whether it’s the inspired Word of God?