Winter 2012

Insight: Our Polluted Planet

Our Polluted Planet

David Hulme

The whole planet is being assaulted by human beings and human activity. What’s the key to our survival?

Law, Prophets and Writings, Part 1: Book of Origins
The Law, the Prophets and the Writings, Part 1

The Book of Origins

David Hulme

In this issue we begin a new series, on the books that comprise the Old Testament, starting with “the book of origins,” Genesis.

Mirror, Mirror

“Mirror, Mirror” 

Seth Capo

In a world where we have many choices as to how we get our news, it’s worth pondering what the media we consume tells us about ourselves, and how it affects the things we come to believe and act on.

How Many Gospels Are There?

How Many Gospels Are There?

Peter Nathan

How can we be certain that the Gospel accounts are both authentic and authoritative? And what about the number? By whose authority do we have four Gospels?

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Mo: Teaching Children Decision Making Skills
Parenting: Five Keys to Positive Child Development, Part 3

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Mo

Gina Stepp

As parents we want to help our children become competent decision makers. What skills are required, and how do parents instill them?

Let There Be Dark

Let There Be Dark

Dan Cloer

Every culture, tribe and religion seems to have its own story about the origins of life and of the universe itself. Today scientists hope to bridge the divides with a unifying story of their own.

Sustainability in a Crowded World

Sustainability in a Crowded World

Thomas E. Fitzpatrick

As the earth’s population hits 7 billion, three newly released books describe the challenges that lie ahead, each addressing relevant issues from a different perspective.