From the Publisher

October 30, 2014

False Messiahs: Napoleon

David Hulme

From humble origins Napoleon Bonaparte, the “Little Corporal,” had become a neo-Roman ruler in the style of Julius Caesar. Just how did he do it?


Global Problems: Food Security

Fall 2014

Europe in 2015

David Hulme

Several events scheduled for 2014–15 may make a significant difference to life in Europe and around the world.

August 7, 2014

False Messiahs: Hitler

David Hulme

Following its crushing defeat in the First World War, Germany suffered such political instability, unemployment and inflation that many accepted the appeals of extremists. Could anything like it happen again?


August 21, 2014

False Messiahs: Caesars Old and New

David Hulme

From ancient Babylon and Rome to Berlin and Beijing, false messiahs are part of world history. What can we learn from them? How might we recognize the next ones?


June 16, 2014

End of Agriculture?

David Hulme

We’re losing topsoil at an astonishing rate around the world. Can this lead to the end of agriculture?


Civilization, Soil, and Survival

Summer 2014

Civilization, Soil and Survival

David Hulme

We know from the record of history that when civilizations do not respect their topsoil, they fail almost without exception.

May 12, 2014

Soil and Survival

David Hulme

Abuse of topsoil and soil erosion are growing problems around the world; without healthy soil, we can’t produce healthy food. It’s a global issue, yet the solution is essentially local.


April 3, 2014

The Gods of Egypt

David Hulme

According to the Bible, the Hebrews made their exodus only after Egypt’s gods were confronted. What can we learn from the story of the Hebrews and the gods of ancient Egypt?


Insight: The Middle East and World War 1

Spring 2014

The Middle East and World War I

David Hulme

Like so many problems in the Middle East, the impasse between Israel and the Palestinians has some of its roots in World War I.

February 25, 2014

Inside the Middle East

David Hulme

Events in the Middle East continue to feature in world news as they have for more than a century. Is it possible for the peoples of this region to be reconciled? Can cooperation and lasting peace be achieved?