Special Report

Vision: 2018’s Top 10

From the futility of politics to climate change to artificial intelligence, here’s a look back at our most-read articles from 2018.

Wasting Away

Martin Coates

The food we produce today could adequately feed the world, yet we throw it away by the tons. Not only do millions go hungry as a result, but our wastefulness has a direct environmental impact.

Hope Without Change

Donald Winchester

Politicians often promise change, yet they seldom deliver. Still, we keep hoping that next time will be different. It’s a vain hope, and here’s why.

Bitcoin: Ill-Gotten Gains

Daniel Tompsett

With the world’s number-one virtual currency so much in the headlines and yet so little understood, it’s a good time to look at its origin, volatile price—and surprising environmental implications.

Humanity’s End Game

David Hulme

David Hulme interviews Australian science writer and author Julian Cribb about what it will take for the human race to make it through this century.

Is Science Getting in God’s Way?

Dan Cloer

Why does America’s Christian Right take such an active interest in how we view and use scientific findings—to the point of creating its own version of science?

Can We Fix Climate Change?

Dan Cloer

If our reliance on technology has accelerated climate change, maybe technology can fix the problem too. Would it work? Should we try it?

What Truth Is—and Isn’t

Donald Winchester

The world seems no closer to defining truth today than the ancient philosophers were. And yet we cannot do without it.

A World of Corruption

David Hulme

From bribery and cronyism to counterfeit goods and money laundering, corruption touches every nation and every level of society. And it was predicted to be so.