Fall 2013

Inisght: The Chinese Century

The Chinese Century?

David Hulme

Will the 21st century be Chinese? And if it is, what does that mean for China and for the rest of the world?

Does Bible Prophecy Have a Future?

Does Prophecy Have a Future?

David Hulme

Various notable predictions make headlines around the world from time to time, yet each turns out to be a nonevent. Is there such a thing as certain prophecy?

Family and Relationships: Doing Social on the Net

Doing “Social” on the Net

Gina Stepp

New technologies always seem to stir up fear and anxiety in some quarters. The Internet, and social networking in particular, is no exception.

The Theater of War

The Theater of War

Daniel Tompsett

Since at least the time of Homer and his epic account of the Trojan War, people have glorified warfare and reveled in it as entertainment.

Manufacturing a Consumer Culture

Manufacturing a Consumer Culture

Laura Cloer

Dan Cloer

Science and technology have radically changed the world, making us the greatest consumers in history. But are we any happier? Does having more give us more?

Henry Ford the Peoples Tycoon

Henry Ford: The People’s Tycoon

Michael McKinney

Henry Ford will always be remembered for revolutionizing factory work and, of course, for giving the world the Model T.

Good Riddance to Sin

Good Riddance to Sin

Thomas E. Fitzpatrick

Is anything or anyone wrong anymore? Today it seems that much human wrongdoing is reduced to the accepted fact that everyone makes mistakes.