From the Publisher

Summer 2016

Is Good Government Possible?

David Hulme

In the face of human nature, ideal government has proven to be little more than an elusive ideal. Still, there’s one option we haven’t yet tried.


Spring 2016

Evidence of Jesus

David Hulme

Is there credible evidence that Jesus Christ was a real person? Skeptics notwithstanding, the answer is yes.


Winter 2016

Where Does Your Security Lie?

David Hulme

Hard as we may try, we can never guarantee our own security. Still, peace of mind and personal protection in severe trials can be ours.

What does the Bible say about weapons and warfare?

Fall 2015

A Cross of Iron

David Hulme

As the world arms itself with more and more nuclear and conventional weapons, we find ourselves in a continuing pattern of warfare. And that’s just as Jesus said it would be.

Summer 2015

The Puzzle of Present Events

David Hulme

Chaos seems to rule everywhere across the globe. Information rains down, but without context we cannot understand and cope. Is there a way to contextualize the onrush of events? Are there filters we can use to separate out the particulars and understand the general?

Human nature and nuclear disasters

Spring 2015

Humanity’s Core Problem

David Hulme

Albert Einstein said that denaturing plutonium is nothing compared to what it takes to deal with the evil spirit of man—to render it harmless.

Winter 2003

Collecting Our Thoughts

David Hulme

This issue of Vision contains our first anthology. As we entered our fifth year of publication, we reviewed all past issues and realized that a number of articles are timely and timeless and could be grouped together for greater meaning.

Winter 2015

Time to Burn the Book?

David Hulme

Is the Bible reliable despite the doubt cast on it by many in the world around? There is ample evidence to call on for reassurance that we can trust its historical reliability.

Global Problems: Food Security

Fall 2014

Europe in 2015

David Hulme

Several events scheduled for 2014–15 may make a significant difference to life in Europe and around the world.

Civilization, Soil, and Survival

Summer 2014

Civilization, Soil and Survival

David Hulme

We know from the record of history that when civilizations do not respect their topsoil, they fail almost without exception.