Science and Environment

Summer 2018

Just How Intelligent Are We?

David Hulme

Increasingly sophisticated and “intelligent” technologies now allow us to alter not only day-to-day life but the planet itself. They also invite abuse—and chaos. What can be done?

Summer 2018

Can We Fix Climate Change?

Dan Cloer

If our reliance on technology has accelerated climate change, maybe technology can fix the problem too. Would it work? Should we try it?

Special Reports

Humanity at Risk

Vision explores some of the “existential threats” that, according to experts, could bring an end to civilization as we know it.

Spring 2018

A Lethal Dose

Ron Dodgen

Synthetic chemicals have become embedded in all aspects of our lives. What will it take to reverse their toxic effect—on our bodies and on our world?

Spring 2018

Is Science Getting in God’s Way?

Dan Cloer

Why does America’s Christian Right take such an active interest in how we view and use scientific findings—to the point of creating its own version of science?

Article Series

Global Threats

Threats to our continued ability to live and thrive on this small planet are increasingly hard to ignore. Vision addresses several of them in this video series.

March 29, 2018

Global Threats, Part 5

Cities at Risk

David Hulme

More and more people are streaming into the world’s cities, magnifying already serious issues such as pollution, waste management and disease. What should we expect in the coming decades?