Special Report

What Is Terrorism?

Hardly a week goes by without another act of terror making headlines somewhere. Is there a way to make sense of something that for most of us seems so irrational?

When Terror Reigns

Gina Stepp

Terrorism is nothing new. Yet a meaningful definition remains elusive, understanding the issues is a challenge, and a lasting solution seems more than we can hope for. Are there answers?

The Making of a Terrorist

The Making of a Terrorist

Gina Stepp

Psychologists and policymakers alike are trying to understand what makes a terrorist. How does one stop the assembly line?

Insight: Turning Points

Turning Points

David Hulme

September 11, 2001—”Nothing will ever be the same again.”

9/11: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

9/11: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Thomas E. Fitzpatrick

Even before September 11, 2001, terrorism was a fact of life for much of the world. Must we accept that it will always be that way?

Islamist Extremism: Bred, Not Inherited?

Donald Winchester

In his book Breeding Bin Ladens, Zachary Shore addresses whether Islamist extremism is bred rather than born. Is it produced by influence or by inheritance?

Nuclear Terrorism: A Very Real Threat

Bill Butler

Although the potential for terrorism is not the only drawback of nuclear weapons, most experts agree that it poses the greatest world threat.