Special Report

Deluding Ourselves to Death

What is it about the human mind that makes us so susceptible to faulty thinking? It may seem like a rhetorical question, but we live at a time when our very survival could depend on understanding the answer.

Part 3


David Hulme

The human brain is easily fooled into believing things that simply aren’t true. When it comes to life-and-death issues, that can be disastrous.

Facing Self-Delusion

Gina Stepp

If you believe life on this planet will go on indefinitely, then your brain may be playing tricks on you. How can we see beyond what we think we know?

Bursting the Post-Truth Bubbles

Daniel Tompsett

We live at the dawn of a new “Enlightenment.” Only this one has little to do with reason and rationalism.

Your Brain on Self Deception

Your Brain on Self-Deception

Gina Stepp

In this review, Vision looks at three books focusing on the cognitive tricks employed by the brain as it works to preserve our cherished beliefs and self-deceptions.

cognitive biases and critical thinking

Checking the Bias

Laura Cloer

Though we’d all like to believe otherwise, our views and opinions may not stem from sound thinking. How can we ensure that wisdom prevails?

Mistakes Were Made

Dan Cloer

Science has given us answers to many questions, but what gives us confidence in those answers? Can what we come to believe actually bring about our demise?

Thinking Between the Lines

Thinking Between the Lines

Wilf Hey

Deceptions, hoaxes and urban legends abound, mainly because so many people are so easily taken in by them. Here’s how you can avoid being one of them.

Logic Loopholes

Logic Loopholes

Wilf Hey

Here are some ways that we human beings deceive ourselves and each other, along with a few suggested remedies.