Winter 2009

Insight: Worthwhile Writing

Worthwhile Writing

David Hulme

For the past decade, Vision has published in print and on the Web a wide range of material on the key issues of our time.



Brian Orchard

Health professionals around the world are increasingly concerned about the growing incidence of depression. Can this debilitating condition be prevented?

Interview with Paul Erlich: And Then What?

And Then What?

Dan Cloer

Paul Ehrlich’s dire predictions of the effect of a burgeoning world population never came to pass. Or maybe, he says, they simply haven’t yet.

The Gospel through the Ages

The Gospel Through the Ages

David Hulme

What is “the gospel”? Most probably think of it as a message emanating from the New Testament, but in fact it goes back much farther.

If We Could Talk Like the Animals

If We Could Talk Like the Animals . . .

Gina Stepp

Miscommunication seems to be a much bigger problem for humans than for “lower” animal species. How can we improve our communication skills and thereby our relationships?

Interview with Ruth Nemzoff: Parent Talk

Parent Talk

Gina Stepp

Ruth Nemzoff is a resident scholar at Brandeis University. Vision interviewed her about her recent book covering parent and adult-child communication.

Interview with Deborah Tannen: Communicating with Style

Communicating With Style

Gina Stepp

Gina Stepp interviews communication expert Deborah Tannen about some common misperceptions that can get in the way of effective family communication.

The Apostles, Part 13: Feed My Sheep!
The Apostles, Part 13

Feed My Sheep!

David Hulme

The apostle Peter figures prominently in the New Testament, but today he is often portrayed as being theologically at odds with his colleague Paul.

Barbie cumple 50 Años

Barbie Turns 50

Laura Cloer

What does the most popular fashion doll in history, the forever-young, always-in-style Barbie say about our world, about our values, about us?

Book Review: End of the Line

End of the Line

Dan Cloer

Economic, financial and industrial downturns are causing international distress; the prescribed cure creates its own set of debilitating consequences.