Ethics and Morality

Fall 2018

Looking Out for Your Neighbor

Donald Winchester

Isla Veal

The mining industry may seem an unlikely place to find practical examples of the Golden Rule in action.

Spring 2018

Bridging the Character Gap

Scott Hulme

Are we really as good as we like to think we are? For that matter, are other people as bad as we tend to think they are?

Winter 2018

Bitcoin: Ill-Gotten Gains

Daniel Tompsett

With the world’s number-one virtual currency so much in the headlines and yet so little understood, it’s a good time to look at its origin, volatile price—and surprising environmental implications.

Summer 2017

Child’s Play

H. David Trujillo Jr.

What kind of future can we look forward to if war becomes indistinguishable from a game?

Spring 2017

Henry David Thoreau: Ahead of His Time?

Ashley Newman

A passionate proponent of living simply and in harmony with nature, Thoreau is remembered today as a pillar of the modern conservation movement.

December 11, 2016

Healing the Violent Heart

David Hulme

Regardless of the ideals set forth by leaders, humanity has never yet succeeded in preventing violence and war. Is there any solution?

Human nature and nuclear disasters

Spring 2015

Humanity’s Core Problem

David Hulme

Albert Einstein said that denaturing plutonium is nothing compared to what it takes to deal with the evil spirit of man—to render it harmless.

Good Riddance to Sin

Fall 2013

Good Riddance to Sin

Thomas E. Fitzpatrick

Is anything or anyone wrong anymore? Today it seems that much human wrongdoing is reduced to the accepted fact that everyone makes mistakes.

Interview with Paul Zak: The Virtuous Cycle, Pay It Forward

Spring 2013

The Virtuous Cycle: Pay It Forward

Dan Cloer

In this interview, neuroeconomist Paul Zak discusses a possible biological basis for morality and then puts it in the larger context of moral absolutes.