Special Report

Ideas That Shaped Modern Thought

Many of the ideas we’ve absorbed from birth are based on flawed thinking or incomplete understanding. But which ones? If we never question the sources of modern philosophy, we run the risk of establishing our beliefs on a faulty foundation. Here we take a look at some of the most influential underpinnings of modern thought to sift the sound from the unsound.

Biography-Carl Jung-Forever Jung

Carl Jung: Forever Jung

Gina Stepp

Carl Gustav Jung founded an approach he named Analytical Psychology, many tenets of which have led some to refer to him as a “founding father of the New Age.”

Ayn Rand: Fantasyland

Dan Cloer

It is unusual to find someone who not only retains their early views but builds a whole superstructure of philosophical meaning atop them. Ayn Rand was such a person.

Six Dominant Ideas, Part I: Origin of a Specious Theory

Part 1

Origin of a Specious Theory

David Hulme

In the first article in a series examining the foundations of modern Western thought, Vision looks at a theory that removed God from His role as Creator. 

Six Dominant Ideas, Part 2: A Dark Fellow From Trier

Part 2

A Dark Fellow From Trier

David Hulme

Karl Marx may have influenced modern history more than any other intellectual, but what influenced his theories? 

Six Dominant Ideas, Part 3: A Dream Gone Wrong

Part 3

A Dream Gone Wrong

David Hulme

Sigmund Freud’s theories have helped to shape the mental framework of just about everyone, whether they have read his works or not.

Positively No Absolutes

Part 4

Positively No Absolutes?

David Hulme

A look at two philosophies that gained prominence largely as a result of 20th-century developments in science. 

Turning the Intellectual Tide

Part 5

Turning the Intellectual Tide

David Hulme

An analysis of the important ideas that have shaped the modern world suggests that faith and reason are not mutually exclusive.